Activities-guide booking / reservations systems

Room or camp booking system.
Activities-guide, manages several kinds of reservation systems (Developed both by Woocommers and Php developers).
Should you have a small medium or large lodge, hotel or camp we can provide the fitting package to suite your needs.

Included is a fully automated booking system, that calculate room occupancy and available rooms.
The system has a fully automated payment system, this ensures that reservations is paid in full
before the room or camp is considered to be reserved.

You do not have to be at your computer in order to have your rooms reserved. The booking system will sell all available rooms 24/7.

Accommodation and activities:
If you sell activities or the combination of activities and accommodation you are welcome to join Should you want to sell activities on your own website with your own payment system, let us know!

Here an example of a activities booking system:

Transport reservations systems: in partnership with will make sure that all your shuttles or buses run on time and tickets are only issued to fully paid travellers.

Here an example more details of our bus and shuttle reservation service:

General: will source a suitable software solution for you and manage it 24 hours a day.
We run all our booking systems on German servers with the best security and basically zero down time.